Each design is a collection of wisdom and inspiration;Every improvement is devoted to sweat and blood.From wireless charging, car parts, mobile power, and various kinds of data charging line;From monochrome, multicolor, IML, heat rise, plastic, TPU, TPSIV, liquid silica gel to leather cover;From ID design, MD design, product engineering, reliability experiment, mold engineering, precision injection molding to advanced assembly and testing;About tablets and the latest mobile phone;Every T&F accessory product is unique, follow the fashion trend.All products of T&F are completed by a team of five r&d teams, with a total of 100 professional design and development engineering teams.After 16 years of development,T&F has grown into an enterprise integrating r&d, manufacturing, sales and service, which can provide OEM and ODM services for customers all over the world.
On July 27, 2015, T&F welcomed the annual trip to overseas Chinese city. Every year, the company will visit different places and let all staff feel the warmth of T&F's home and enjoy the pleas...
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